Salient uses the most up-to-date insights from economics, psychology, sociology and data science to understand the individual and contextual factors that shape human behaviour.

Understanding of this interplay allows us to design interventions that help our clients achieve business growth, make better decisions and design more effective policy.

We approach this work from three main avenues.


Our project framework is five-dimensional. By bringing scientific rigour to our dedication to intelligent work, we deliver actionable insights and create practical solutions.

This involves:

Define – We define the context of the project, measure relevant baselines and determine the scope.

Deliberate – We draw from the most relevant and up-to-date literature, shaping our approach and hypotheses.

Design – We create informed and practical plans of action

Deploy – We implement our ideas efficiently and monitor their impact.

Debrief – We look back, measure the outcomes of our intervention and provide a summary of our work.


By bringing behavioural science insight to larger audiences, Salient delivers information and tools to better equip groups and organizations.

This involves:

  • Focussed research projects and collaboration on written publications
  • Workshops or training sessions for leadership, teams or projects
  • A structured review of behavioural academic literature in an area of interest
  • Conference presentations or speaking engagements – internal or industry-wide


Applying ideas and insights from behavioural science, we design better interfaces and user experience and make products smarter and more attuned.

This involves:

  • Collecting and summarising academic research on behaviour to feed a product or service design process
  • Providing a behavioural perspective to user experience and customer journeys
  • Working with design teams to create and iterate prototypes of products and services
  • Creating environments for the testing and review of products and services (e.g. quantitative A/B testing and randomised control trials (RCTs))